Frequently Asked Questions

About subscriptions, ordering, software.


Why should I choose Pet Diet Designer?

The single most important factor affecting your pet’s health is nutrition. We all want our pets to live longer and healthier lives. We can accomplish this with exercise, good vet care, and the best possible nutrition that we can provide.

Pet Diet Designer is nutrition software for dogs and cats. With our software you can create homemade meals that are designed specifically for only your pet. We call this personalized nutrition and it is far superior to anything that you can buy in a store.

And Pet Diet Designer for Windows is far more than just a pet nutrition program. Track contact info and make appointments. Record all basic information about your pet, including physiology, medical and laboratory data. Create documents and print reports. Design a weight loss program for your overweight or obese pet. Track your pet's nutrition history or plan meals. Easily create complete and balanced meals with our database of over 8000 foods. And lots more!

What are Pet Diet Designer's product offerings?

Our current product offering is Pet Diet Designer for Windows.

Versions for Mac OS, Tablets, and Mobile will be available in the future.

The only available download is a beta. Why should I pay for a beta version?

During our beta, your subscription is extended for the time of the beta. For instance, if a beta lasts for 6 months, then your subscription will be extended by 6 months; letting you use a Pet Diet Designer product for 12 months. Currently we are offering an 12 month subscription at the reduced price of $20 USD.

Subscription Service

What is Pet Diet Designer's subscription service?

All Pet Diet Designer licenses include a one-year subscription for unlimited support including access to e-mail, and our forum support system, which facilitates Web-based contact with our engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our forums allow Pet Diet Designer customers to enter questions, track responses, and review solutions. All Pet Diet Designer licenses also include one year of access to all new releases, both major and minor. After one year, you may elect to renew your subscription to retain access to support and new releases. Please note that the licenses themselves are perpetual. If you need technical support or access to the latest releases, you should choose to renew your subscription.

Do I have to renew my subscription service to keep working with the software license?

Since our licenses are perpetual, you can continue to work with the latest software release you obtained before your subscription expired. However, if you need access to the latest release, or need technical support services, you will need to your subscription.

Why should I renew my active subscription?

We encourage you to renew your subscription while it is still active since this will lock in the renewal pricing for the next year and ensure uninterrupted access to technical support services and updates.

If you're considering whether or not to renew at this time, please keep in mind that an active subscription entitles you to unlimited technical support and new releases. If you choose to renew more than two weeks after your subscription expires, the cost to renew will be 60% of the full license list price. If your subscription has lapsed over 30 days, the reinstatement/renewal will be 75% of the license list price.

How can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your license online or by contacting sales.

Can I renew my subscription if it has already expired? If so, how?

Yes, you may renew your lapsed subscription online or by contacting sales. If you renew more than two weeks after your subscription expires, the cost to renew will be 60% of the full license list price. If your subscription has lapsed over 30 days, the reinstatement/renewal will be 75% of the license list price.

What technical support options does Pet Diet Designer offer?

Each of our licenses, as mentioned above, includes the first year of subscription service. The subscription service includes unlimited Web-based technical support through e-mail or through our private forums, and access to all minor and major releases for a period of 12 months.


How can I place an order for Pet Diet Designer products?

You can place an order for Pet Diet Designer products over the Web using our secure ordering system.

Please note that to fulfill your order, we require the names and e-mail addresses of each end user. This is to ensure quicker turnaround and access to software. After placing your order, you will be e-mailed download instructions for the product you purchased as well as the required key to unlock the product. If you need assistance placing your order, please contact sales.

How do I order through the website?

You can order Pet Diet Designer products through the Web site by using our secure ordering system. Just follow the instructions on the page and contact us if you have any questions.

What is the turnaround time for orders to be fulfilled?

You should receive your unlock key and download instructions within four hours after your order is submitted. Usually the process is completed in minutes unless there is a problem with your credit card or internet connection.

What are the delivery options for Pet Diet Designer products?

When you order a Pet Diet Designer product, you will be sent download instructions electronically and given an unlock key to access the products you purchased. If you would like us to ship you a CD, there is an additional $20.00 US fee.

What payment options are available?

You can pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Please contact sales for more information or our bank details.

Will I receive an invoice?

If you buy with a corporate purchase order, an invoice will be mailed the business day following the order. If you want your invoice faxed to you, let us know by e-mailing Sales. You can also view your invoice(s) by logging in to your Pet Diet Designer Support System account.

If you place your order using a credit card, your invoice will be e-mailed to you. The invoice will detail the amount charged to your credit card.

What is Pet Diet Designer's return policy?

In most cases for software purchases, as long as a boxed product has not been opened or a downloaded/licensed product has not been installed and activated, the return will be accepted within 30 days. This applies to the beta. After our beta release, a 30 day trial will be available. Support and updates will be included during the trial.

I just purchased a license for Pet Diet Designer. Where can I go for assistance and further information?

  • Please reference the documentation installed with the product or available online.
  • You can log in to the Pet Diet Designer forums using your username and password to contact technical support services.
  • If the above has not addressed your question, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I just purchased a license; where can I access online documentation and further resources?

The best URL to bookmark is our technical support page, which provides access to our forums, video tutorials, and online documentation.

Nutrition Software

Can I use Pet Diet Designer for my pet food business?

Yes, you can use Pet Diet Designer for your pet food business. Pet Diet Designer is targeted for pet guardians, however, recipes can be formulated and used by small pet food manufacturers. The food database includes foods commonly used in feed formulations. These foods include an International Feed Number (IFN) and can be searched in the database.

Note that Pet Diet Designer is best suited for frozen raw pet food manufacturers / producers.

Can I use Pet Diet Designer for my veterinary practice?

Yes, Pet Diet Designer can be used by veterinarians if they want to formulate recipes for their clients. Pet Diet Designer is targeted for pet guardians but can be used by professionals.

Note that a professional version of Pet Diet Designer, targeted to veterinarians and animal nutritionists, is under development and will be released 4-5 months after our initial Pet Diet Designer for Windows version 1.0 release.

Does Pet Diet Designer include an analysis of every nutrient included in AAFCO's nutrient requirements?

Pet Diet Designer includes an analysis of all nutrients set out by the National Research Council (NRC) 2006 publication:  "The Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". This is the gold standard and is a superset of AAFCO. In other words, Pet Diet Designer surpasses the nutrient requirements devised by AAFCO, including detailed requirements for lactating and gestating dogs and cats. In short, Pet Diet Designer includes an analysis of all nutrients specified by AAFCO. We even include other critical nutrients that are not specified by AAFCO, but that are specified by the NRC standard.

Can I use Pet Diet Designer to determine if the pet food I make meets AAFCO standards?

Pet food made with Pet Diet Designer meets (and exceeds) the AAFCO standards. Of course, you have to make a complete and balanced recipe or feed multiple meals that are complete and balanced. This is easy to do with Pet Diet Designer.

Does Pet Diet Designer display nutrients as a percentage based on an individual pet's needs?

Yes, Pet Diet Designer displays nutrients as a percentage based on an individual pet's needs.

Do you have the option of displaying nutrient amounts in terms of mg/kg or percent of formula; as displayed in the AAFCO requirements?

In most cases the nutrient amount expressed in grams, milligrams, or micrograms per kilogram of body weight (Amt/BW0.75) is inappropriate. Instead, Pet Diet Designer calculates the amount to feed of each nutrient expressed in either grams, milligrams, or micrograms by a predetermined value, based on lifestage, multiplied by the unique energy requirements of your pet (expressed in kcal) and divided by 1000.

The calculations used by Pet Diet Designer are more exact and ideally suited for personalized nutrition.

Does Pet Diet Designer use AAFCO, FEDIAF, or NRC nutrient requirements?

Pet Diet Designer uses the standards set out by NRC 2006 publication: "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats." The NRC standard is the gold standard and includes important fatty acid nutrients that are not included in the AAFCO or FEDIAF standards.

The professional version of Pet Diet Designer will allow a user to switch between standards.