Are you tired of the endless pet food recalls that can severely injure your beloved pet? So are we! Now you can prepare meals with quality ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticide residues. 

In the past decade there have been thousands of pet food recalls; resulting in tens of thousands of dead pets and hundreds of thousands of critically injured pets. Big companies are not exempt. And it's not only pet food. Pet treats are also harming our pets. Organizations like the FDA are still unable to explain why pet treats are currently killing hundreds of dogs. The FDA recommends not buying treats that are imported from China, however there are no regulations stating that a company has to disclose where the ingredients in pet food/treats come from. There seems to be no end to the madness. But you can do something about this now. Make your own pet food!

With Pet Diet Designer you can confidently make your own complete and balanced pet food from ingredients that you can obtain from a butcher, grocery/health store, or a local farmer. Take control of your pet's health.