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Introducing Pet Diet Designer

Pet Diet Designer for Windows is nutrition software for dogs and cats. Our main focus is to provide an easy way for pet owners to home-prepare complete and balanced meals for their pets. 

Pet Diet Designer performs all the tedious calculations to determine the recommended allowance for 40+ nutrients, balanced specifically for each individual pet. The more information you enter about your pet, the more accurate Pet Diet Designer becomes. No more guesswork. No more agonizing over whether your pet is missing out on an important amino acid, fat, mineral or vitamin. Pet Diet Designer instantly tells you!

And if you feed more than one meal a day for your pet - Pet Diet Designer handles that too! All calculations are based on the National Research Council 2006 publication; "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". So you can be assured that not only are your pets getting all the required nutrients, but that the nutrients are in the correct ratio.

When creating a recipe for your pet, Pet Diet Designer will typically perform thousands of calculations in mere seconds - a task that would be extremely difficult for a human to perform, no matter how knowledgeable about companion animal nutrition.

For Beginners

Pet Diet Designer is perfect for people who have been reluctant to feed homemade food for their cherished companion. Now you can confidently prepare compete and balanced, personalized meals knowing that your pet is getting the best possible nutrition that you can provide.

For Experts
If you have been feeding home-prepared meals for your pets for years and they have always been healthy, that is fantastic - after all, that is what we here at Pet Diet Designer have always done. But now you can see whether your recipes are truly complete and balanced. And it is very easy to do!

Key Features

  • Complete and Balanced Meals - Track over 40 nutrients with our database of over 8000 foods.
  • Personalized Recipes - Each recipe you create for your pet is specifically designed for that pet. You can reuse recipes for an additional pet but the amount of food that you feed may have to be adjusted to account for that pet's specific needs.
  • Make Pet Food with Healthy Ingredients - Now you can control the quality of your pet's diet. Use human-grade ingredients that you know are free from harmful chemicals and pesticide residues.
  • Dozens of Recipes - Pet Diet Designer comes with dozens of recipes to get you started. Just copy a recipe and adjust the ingredient amounts for your pet.
  • Comprehensive Meal Planning- Create and print out beautiful calendar schedules of what you will feed each pet for a day, week, or a month. Know exactly what you will feed your pet at any time.
  • Powerful Diet Tracking - Keep a history of exactly what you have fed your pet so you can later do analysis. If you feed more than one meal to your pet per day then this module is key to balancing your pet's diet.
  • Optimize your Pet's Weight - An estimated one-third of pets are either overweight or obese. Now you can easily create meals that will help reduce your pet's weight so they can live longer, healthier lives.
  • Physical and Medical History - Record all information about each pet. Keep a record of all your pet's physical and medical history as well as all Vet visits. Print out reports on any information.
  • Manage Contacts - Record all your pet-related contacts: Veterinarians, Groomers, Breeders, Food Suppliers, etc. Have all contact details at your fingertips.
  • Never miss another Appointment - Pet Diet Designer includes a full appointment scheduling module so you never have to miss another pet-related appointment. Schedule vet visits, grooming appointments, etc., and set an alert so that you will automatically be notified in advance of an appointment.
  • Reports in a Snap! - With our simple and powerful report writer you can easily create reports of any complexity with a few mouse clicks.
  • Prepackaged Reports - Pet Diet Designer comes with dozens of prepackaged reports. Just fill out a few variables or parameters (such as date) and your reports are instantly ready to be printed, emailed, or saved as .pdf files.
  • Personalize with Skins - Pet Diet Designer comes with over 40 different skins so you can choose the color or theme that suits you. Change a skin with the click of a button.
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Pet Diet Designer Overview

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We offer scientific, evidence-based DIY diet formulation to the world of homemade pet food. Take your pet diet formulation skills to the next level with the world's best pet nutrition software.

Our software complies with the guidelines set by the 2006 NRC publication, "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". This publication is the gold standard for dog and cat nutrition worldwide.

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