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How to Balance Multiple Recipes in a Day

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How to Balance Multiple Recipes in a Day
With Pet Diet Designer you can balance two or more recipes per day. Recipes can be completely different and you can also include snacks. Each meal or snack that you feed may not be balanced by itself but taken together, all meals and snacks can represent a balanced diet.

To balance multiple recipes you use the "Multiple Recipes" radio button in the Recipe Balancer, along with recipes that you have recorded in the Diet Tracker module. See the video below for a tutorial on how to do this.

To balance multiple recipes you first must enter one or more recipes in the Diet Tracker module. It is best to choose a day in the future so as not to interfere with your pet's actual diet history. Then you use the current recipe in the Recipe Balancer to complete balancing your recipes. For instance, you may feed an unbalanced meal in the morning and another unbalanced meal in the evening. Taken together, both meals represent a balanced diet for your pet (even though each meal is not balanced).

This tutorial blog shows you how to balance 2 or more meals (including snacks) for a single day. To balance multiple meals over many days (even weeks!) you must use our upcoming "Scratch Pad" module; to be released before the end of the beta.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Balancing multiple meals is easy as 1-2-3! See the image below.

How to Balance Multiple Recipes in a Day 

This tutorial video shows you how to balance 2 or more recipes in a day. You can include homemade snacks too! Please watch the Diet Tracker Overview blog to learn how to use the Diet Tracker module.

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