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Download and Install

How do I install on a second desktop?

Please use the link from the original download email that was sent to you when you purchased to download and install on a second computer.

Next, use the license key email to activate the software.

License Key and Activation

How do I apply my license key?

Double click your license key file to open it in Notepad. Select the entire key and copy to the clipboard (no trailing or leading spaces). Paste the key into the evaluation dialog. If you get an error message then make sure you are connected to the internet. If you are connected and still get an error message, then disable your antivirus software and/or your firewall. If all of this fails then contact support.

Subscriptions and Renewals

How do I apply my new license key when I renew a subscription?

When you renew your PDD subscription you don't have to do anything, even though the software will say your license has expired. The renewal lets you take advantage of support and updates. You don't need to uninstall PDD or try to apply the new key if your current installation is working fine.

Backup and Restore Data

How do I back up my data when reinstalling the PDD software?

Before re-installing the PDD software, please make a backup of the PDD data file. All of your entered pets, recipes, and user-defined foods/supplements can be found in one file.

To copy the data file to a thumb drive, follow the instructions below:

1) In Windows Explorer type %appdata% (with the percent signs) in the menu bar and press enter. You will go to the "application data" folder.

2) Scroll to the bottom and look for a file called "pdd03.sdf". When you find this file, just copy it. This file contains all your data.

3) Uninstall the PDD software program.

4) Download and install PDD from the link provided in your download email.

5) After reinstalling, check to see if your data still exists. It should. If not, then go to Step 6.

6) In Windows Explorer type %appdata% (with the percent signs) in the menu bar and press enter. You will go to the "application data" folder. Copy the old data file (pdd03.sdf) to this directory and choose to overwrite the existing data file that was created when you installed PDD. You should now have all of the data for your pets and recipes.

Re-apply the license key (from the link provided in your license key email), if you need to.

That's it...

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