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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Pet Diet Designer?

The single most important factor affecting your pet’s health is nutrition. We all want our pets to live longer and healthier lives. We can accomplish this with exercise, good vet care, and the best possible nutrition that we can provide.

 Pet Diet Designer (PDD Beta) is nutrition software for dogs and cats. With our software you can create homemade meals that are designed specifically for only your pet. We call this personalized nutrition and it is far superior to anything that you can buy in a store.
 And PDD Beta is far more than just a pet nutrition program. Track contact info and make appointments. Record all basic information about your pet, including physiology, medical and laboratory data. Create documents and print reports. Design a weight loss program for your overweight or obese pet. Track your pet's nutrition history or plan meals. Easily create complete and balanced meals with our database of over 8000 foods. And lots more!

Subscription Service

What is Pet Diet Designer's subscription service?
All Pet Diet Designer licenses include a one-year subscription for unlimited support via our Discussion Forums. Our forums allow Pet Diet Designer customers to enter questions, track responses, and review solutions. All Pet Diet Designer licenses also include one year of access to all new releases, both major and minor. After one year, you may elect to renew your subscription to retain access to support and new releases.


How can I place an order for Pet Diet Designer products?

You can place an order for Pet Diet Designer products over the Web using our secure ordering system.

Please note that to fulfill your order, we require the names and e-mail addresses of each end user. This is to ensure quicker turnaround and access to software. After placing your order, you will be e-mailed download instructions for the product you purchased as well as the required key to unlock the product. If you need assistance placing your order, please contact sales.

Nutrition Software

Does Pet Diet Designer (PDD Beta) include an analysis of every nutrient included in AAFCO's nutrient requirements?
Pet Diet Designer (PDD Beta) includes an analysis of all nutrients set out by the National Research Council (NRC) 2006 publication: "The Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". This is the gold standard for dog and cat nutrition. AAFCO (USA) and FEDIAF (Europe) are commercial standards derived from NRC.

We offer scientific, evidence-based DIY diet formulation to the world of homemade pet food. Take your pet diet formulation skills to the next level with the world's best pet nutrition software.

Our software complies with the guidelines set by the 2006 NRC publication, "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". This publication is the gold standard for dog and cat nutrition worldwide.

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