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What is your chance of getting support? Find out here

Support Policy

You can't install our software.

You purchased our software and are excited about finally being able to create complete and balanced meals for your pets. But you are having issues trying to download and install.

Chance of getting support:


But before you contact us through our Support Ticket System, please check out the How do I... section to see if it will help to resolve your issue.

You need help getting started.

You've downloaded, installed our software, and have applied your license key. You are raring to go but the graphs, knobs, and dials are a little intimidating. You don't know where to begin and are starting to get frustrated.

Chance of getting support:


Don't worry! We've got you covered. Before creating a support ticket, please watch the getting started videos here. They were created exactly for your situation.

You found a bug.

You've found a bug in one of our products. Please provide us steps to replicate the issue. Squashing bugs is our highest priority.

Chance of getting support:


Please create a support ticket here. Customers who help us to solve bugs by providing steps to replicate the problem get rewarded with points to use against future purchases.

You want phone support.

You have complex requirements and feel that talking by phone would be the best way to go.

Chance of getting support:


At this time we don't provide phone support. Hiring people with expertise in our software as well as animal nutrition is far too expensive for the low cost of our products.

Please use our support ticket system.

You want after hours support.

You only have time to use our software at night and on weekends or holidays. And you need immediate support.

Chance of getting support:

Still Very Likely.

Go to our Help Desk to see our support hours.

However, we often might answer questions on weekends and after hours.

You have a feature request.

You have a great idea that you want us to implement. Fabulous. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers.

Chance of getting support:

We're all Ears.

Please request a feature in our community forums. Each product section has it's own Feature Request category.

Feature requests that are implemented earn you points.

Your pet has a disease and you have PDD or the Home Edition.

You have purchased our entry level consumer products (PDD and/or Pet Diet 365 Home) and your pet unfortunately has a disease that can be helped by a special diet. You want to start creating recipes for a specific disease condition.

Chance of getting support:


Please upgrade to our Pet Diet 365 Home Plus Edition, which handles creating recipes for single disease conditions. Please make sure that the disease you are targeting is handled by Pet Diet 365 Home Plus. If not, make a request and we will investigate adding the disease condition to our software.

You want help designing recipes for your pet with a single disease.

You have PDD or our Pet Diet Home Plus Edition but you would prefer us to design a recipe for a single disease condition for you. You are still unsure of your formulation skills even with our products and tutorials, user guides, etc.

Chance of getting support:

Very Unlikely.

We will be offering pet food formulation services in the future for a fee. We will also most likely publish a list of veterinarians and animal nutritionists who provide this service.

You want help designing recipes for your pet with multiple diseases.

You want help from our staff to design a therapeutic diet for your pet with multiple disease conditions because your vet is unable to provide this service. You have PDD or our Pet Diet 365 Home Plus Edition but your pet has multiple diseases.

Chance of getting support:


While we do have many years of experience designing therapeutic recipes for the most difficult of cases (8 and 9 concurrent disease conditions), we do not provide this service, at this time. We will provide this service in the future.

You want help formulating pet food for your business.

You have PDD, one of our Consumer Series products, or one of our Professional Series products, and you want to formulate "All Life Stage" pet food or pet food targeted for a large number of dogs and cats.

You need assistance with getting the formulation right. You also want to offer special diets for a few select diseases.

Chance of getting support:


We have a special product made specifically for producers, Pet Diet 365 Producer Edition. This product is part of our Commercial Series and will include addons for labeling, product mimicry, special diets, breed-specific diets, and more.

We will also offer training and consultation services.

Your subscription has expired and you need support.

You've been using our products successfully for months, even years, and you have not renewed your subscription. You now have a bug or other issue that needs resolving.

When you go to request help on our website, you find that you are locked out of the support section of our website.

Chance of getting support:

Little to None.

Support is available only to paying customers with active subscriptions. If your subscription has expired and you need support, please renew your subscription.

When you do renew your subscription you will receive the latest update. This update may include a fix for your problem as well as new features and new foods / supplements.

You want to use our products in your university.

You teach small animal nutrition at university. You want to use some of our products for your veterinary and animal nutrition students.

Even better, you want to design a pet food formulation course around our products.

Chance of getting support:

100 %.

We have special incentives for those who want to use our products in academia.

Contact partner@petdietdesigner.com to make inquiries.

Help Desk

Our knowledgeable support staff is here to help you with questions about pet nutrition related to using our products. If you have a technical issue or are struggling to balance a recipe, seek help through our Help Desk.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by email with your general or pre-sales inquiries. Please use our support ticket system for support issues. Any support questions sent by email will be ignored. Thanks for understanding!

Balance your pet's diet

We offer scientific, evidence-based DIY diet formulation to the world of homemade pet food. Take your pet diet formulation skills to the next level with the world's best pet nutrition software. Our software complies with the guidelines set by the 2006 NRC publication, "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats". This publication is the gold standard for dog and cat nutrition worldwide. Download PDD today and get started designing dog and cat recipes with confidence using our advanced Pet Diet Formulator™. Designing diets is finally fun!

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