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  1. SIM00
  2. Food Wizard
  3. Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Would someone be able to let me know what the calculation is when nutrition information for a specific food, ingredient, supplement, etc. is listed in percentages? It would be useful to know how this is calculated so I can convert values on my own anytime I come upon this situation.

Here's an example:

At the moment, I'm trying to add a food via the food wizard and am coming across crude protein (min) =11.8%, crude fat (min) = 65.9%, crude fiber (max =15.3%, moisture (max)= 10% all in percentages. The guaranteed analysis is per tbsp/8.25g.

How would I convert these values to put them into the food wizard as grams?

Thank you
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Hi SIM00,

This question is somewhat tricky because not all percentages mean the same thing. For example, many supplements may list percentages as the dietary reference intake, which is different from how food is usually represented (by weight).

For your example, the percentages are based on weight of one tablespoon (8.25 g).


Protein = 8.25 (11%) = 8.25 (.11) = 0.9075 g
fat = 8.25 (65.9%) = 8.25 (.659) = 5.43675 g
fiber = 8.25 (15.3%) = 8.25 (.153) = 1.26225 g
water = 8.25 (10%) = 8.25 (.10) = 0.825 g

We have very limited information in your example but we can impute some other values.

We can calculate the kilocalories using Atwater values (protein -> 1 gram = 4 kcal; fat -> 1 gram = 9 kcal; carbohydrate -> 1 gram = 4 kcal; fiber (soluble) -> 1 gram = 2 kcal.

Based on our limited information we will assume that the fiber is soluble fiber.


Kilocalories = 0.9075(4) + 5.43675(9) + 1.26225(2) = 3.63 + 48.93075 + 2.5245 = 55.08525 kcal

Hope this helps,

Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Food Wizard
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