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  1. dialogue.dog
  2. Food Wizard
  3. Monday, 10 June 2019
I think I am having trouble accurately recording nutrient information for a product I use, Grizzly Salmon Oil. The manufacturer is all over the map with their measurement units which is making my head hurt. I think I have everything correct except Vitamin D. The value I come up with for Vitamin D is 2500mcg per 100 grams. Every time I add even a teaspoon of oil to a recipe I get an insanely high, approaching toxic, level of Vitamin D. Either I screwed up the conversion or my dogs have been overdosing on Vitamin D.

Product Page

30 calories per pump of the 64 oz bottle
I have measured that 1 pump = 1 tsp. According to the product label 0.7 tsp = 3.5 grams of oil

Vitamin A: 250 IU per gram
Vitamin D: 100 IU per gram

Vitamin E: 115 - 160 IU per kg

355mg DHA per pump of the 64 oz bottle
320mg EPA per pump of the 64 oz bottle
(I pump is approximately 1 tsp and 0.7 tsp is approximately 3.5 grams)
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Accepted Answer
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi dialogue.dog,

I have made some slight alterations to your calculations.

Please enter the values below for Grizzly Salmon Oil (see attached pdfs).

0.72 teaspoons = 3.264 grams

Energy = 29.346624 kcal
Total Fat = 3.260736 grams
Moisture = 0.003264 grams

EPA = 320 mg
DHA = 355 mg

Vitamin A = 816 IU as retinol
Vitamin D = 326.4 IU
Vitamin E = 0.4896 mg


For 16, 32 and 64 oz bottles, one pump equals 0.12 fluid ounces (3.5 ml).

The gram weight of 0.12 fluid ounces of salmon oil is 3.264 grams. This is also equivalent to 0.72 US teaspoons or 0.71 metric teaspoons.

Vitamin A: approximately 250 IU per gram of oil

Therefore, Vitamin A = 250 (3.264) = 816 IU per pump

Vitamin D: approximately 100 IU per gram of oil

Therefore, Vitamin D = 100 (3.264) = 326.4 IU per pump

One gram of salmon oil has 0.15 mg (Vitamin E).

Therefore, Vitamin E = 0.15 (3.264) = 0.4896 mg per pump.
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Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Food Wizard
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