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  1. coco
  2. Pet Manager
  3. Sunday, 09 June 2019
Entering a dog's status does not seem to change the daily target calorie of the program.
My dog is 3.3kg Maltese(inactive, neutered, overweighted) and RER is 169(= 30x 3.3+70) and my dog's lifestle multiplication factor is 1(Sedentary). So his daily target calorie should be 169Kcal but PDD always shows the calorie "269"Kcal. And this 269 Kcal daily target naver changed whatever I do. What should I do to adjust it to my pet?

The only way to adjust the daily target to 169kcal was changing the weight of my dog(3.3kg to 1.2kg). However, I am so worried about whether the essential nutrients have been met. Because the level or amount of essential nutrients can be different for 3.3kg and 1.2kg dog.
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Hi coco,

The RER for your dog is 70 * (3.3 ^ 0.75) = 171.4 kcal.

You are using the linear equation which is not as exact as the metabolic rate equation used above. A sedentary factor of 1 most probably means that you want your dog on a weight loss program or your dog is prone to being obese. So the minimum target you want is 171.4 kcal.

The lowest factor we have for adult dogs is 90 * (kg ^ 0.75). Substituting your dog's weight in kilograms, the lowest kcal for a healthy adult dog that the program can provide you is 90 * (3.3 ^ 0.75) = 220.4 kcal.

To achieve your goal we need to increase your dog's activity level and then put your dog on a weight loss program. This will give you precisely the amount of kcal and nutrient levels that you want to keep your dog at a healthy weight.

Here is what to do:

1) First we want to change your dog's activity level to double your dog's RER. Change activity level factor to "Active (Young Adult)". This should give you a kcal target of 140 * (3.3 ^ 0.75) = 342.8 kcal.

2) Next, we want to half the calorie target (see step 1 above) to reach our target goal of 171.4 kcal. So 342.8 / 2 = 171.4 kcal. Now place your dog on a weight loss program. Follow the screenshots below.

That's it! You should now be targeting the precise calories for your dog.

Note that the update makes this whole process very simple.
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Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Pet Manager
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