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I was wondering if I could get some help on how to add supplements to the foods. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to work. For instance, the NOW Kelp Powder was already included as a food in the program. According to the program, it has 135,000 mcg of iodine in 2 level scoops of 0.2 g. According to the label, it has 270 mcg of iodine in 2 level scoops of 200 mg. Since these are the same 2 level scoops except one is in grams and one is in mcg, why are the amounts different?

This has me all confused. If I was trying to add the supplement, I would have used 270 mcg of iodine and not 135,000 as per the program, so I guess I would have done it wrong, and that would mess up any recipes I used this with. Am I totally missing something here????

I am not even going to try to explain my confusion with the NOW bone meal powder :)

I would appreciate any help I can get because I am so doubting my ability to do this!! I have to be able to add the supplements I will use, and I feel so clueless.

Thank you.
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Hi Stacy,

I understand what you are trying to say but the majority of our customers do not want to have to do calculations or remember what they input as common measures. It is easier for someone to input .08 teaspoons rather than .17 half teaspoons. Also, supplements come in a wide variety of forms and weights. We just want people to enter the supplement info that they see on the bottle or package and our software will auto-magically enter it into the database so you can work with the supplement.

Sometimes you have to do calculations. For instance, this blog tutorial demonstrates how to add a complex supplement into the database. Some calculations are required but we will reduce these calculations as we improve the software.


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