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  3. Friday, 09 August 2019
I am really enjoying the software but seem to hit some glitches (maybe user error)

First - my pet is all set up in the profile but I don't seem able to save a recipe to her profile.

Second - when I use the recipe balancer and use the Nutrient Search then Get Food the only thing that populates in Taurine powder. Perhaps I selected something wrong.

But either way strong platform thanks!
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Hi Robert,

Thank you for the kind words.

Please edit your pet and press SAVE on the ribbon. Press it twice for good measure. You should now be able to attach your pet to a recipe.

We don't have taurine values for food at the moment. This is coming with the release of Pet Diet 365 Home later this year. Please just use inexpensive taurine powder in your recipes.
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