1. JLee
  2. Recipe Balancer
  3. Thursday, 01 August 2019
I am having a heck of a time getting started on this program! I have two main issues right now. 1) When I'm in the recipe balancer it keeps switching the amounts back to 100 grams every time I add another ingredient or exit the program and go back in. Is there no way to make it keep the amounts that I will actually be feeding my dog in the recipe? I can't find a save button. It's getting quite frustrating to have to redo the conversions over and over. 2) My dog gets kelp meal. (as well as a few other supplements that aren't in the food list) I had the company send me the analysis for the product. However, when I go to food wizard to add it, it keeps saying g or mg behind the thing (calcium, zinc, and such) The analysis comes in % not a set amount of grams. How do I enter that?
I need help asap.
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