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HELP! I’ve watched the videos, searched and read tons of info, but I CANNOT figure out or understand this. I was hoping there was step by step manual or info guide to refer to but I didn’t find one. This is all new to me and I’m getting frustrated. :( First, let me explain what I’m looking for and the purpose. I’ve been making homemade dog/cat treats and I want to start selling these at farmer’s market/craft fair events. I want to be legit and part of this process is to have the proper product labeling per the office of state chemist (who issues said license).

The label is required to show the Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein, min %
Crude Fat, min %
Crude Fiber, max_%
Moisture, max %

Also must reflect a “Quantity Statement” (may be in pounds, grams, ounces, other units of weight or volume, or by count) and, if using units of weight or volume, must state this in both English and metric units of measurements. (Example: 30 Large Dog Biscuits, 5 lbs. (2.27kg)).

I’ve entered a recipe in and have viewed all the different styles of reports and still don’t understand exactly what I’m looking at. I printed a “Basic Recipe Report” for the recipe I entered “Apple Crunch Pupcakes with Vanilla Drizzle” and got the following info:

Information As Fed Dry Matter

Calories 921.13 kcal
Protein 26.341g 2.30% 5.54%
Fat 13.641 g 1.19% 2.87%
Carbohydrate 199.836 g 30.76% 74.10%
Dietary Fiber 12.403 g 1.08% 2.60%
Moisture 58.49% 0.00%

This recipe will make 12 “pupcakes” or 36 mini “pupcakes”. Am I understanding this correctly in that I would then label my product like this (since these values are for the entire recipe which produces 12-36 pupcakes):

Guaranteed Analysis (DM):
Crude Protein, min 5.54%
Crude Fat, min 2.87%
Crude Fiber, max 2.60%
Moisture, max 0%

12 “pupcakes” or 36 mini “pupcakes”
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