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  3. Friday, 21 June 2019
I recently upgraded my Windows 10 instance to release 1903. After I completed the update I attempted to start PDD 0.883. The application does not start. No error message is displayed on the screen.

  • Is there a command-line switch I can use to generate a trace log?
  • If I were to reinstall without uninstalling would my recipes be deleted?
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Hi dialogue.dog,

This is a known issue with Microsoft updates. Sometimes an update will corrupt the user.config file in PDD. If you have successfully installed and used PDD and then one day nothing happens when you try to start PDD, follow the instructions below to delete the corrupt user.config file. Once the user.config file is deleted, PDD will restart and create a new user.config file automatically.

In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Pet_Diet_Designer,_Inc\PDD03.Win.exe_Url_xvyljk4223l4nzvz0bulz20uoiiqnims\

Note: you will probably have a different string of characters than "xvyljk4223l4nzvz0bulz20uoiiqnims"

You should see a file called user.config

Delete this file "user.config"

Restart PDD.
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