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I currently feed an unbalanced commercial raw product called Halshans. Where it shows the ingredient list and a nutrition label that states protein, fat, fiber, and moisture, it does not give any other details other than that. The ingredient list gives what's in it but does not state percentages so I cannot piece it together.

When I email them and ask, what are the questions I should be asking? The percentages of each ingredient? Is there more of an analysi they might be able to provide me so I can input it, if so what is that called, typical analysis? I just want to be sure I ask the right questions.

I do know that there is a possibility they won't provide me with that information, but I am hoping since the company I work for orders hundreds of pounds a month from them they will be a little more willing. They are very convenient but I know that the grinds are not balanced, nor do they state they are.

The product I purchase is from this webpage
It is the "Ground Turkey Necks"
Turkey Meat, Heart, Liver, Gizzard, & Bone
Protein 18.00%, Fat 6.00%, Fiber 2.00%, Moisture 71.00%
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Hi Safora,

Simply ask them if they have a guaranteed analysis and/or a typical analysis for all nutrients (approx. 40) relevant to dog food. Note that this is very expensive and distributors selling pet food not labeled 'complete and balanced' typically do not spend the money on nutrient analysis.
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