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  3. Tuesday, 12 March 2019

My subscription ended on 02/14/19. I purchased a new subscription yesterday but have been unable to enter the new license code anywhere.

When I click on "Enter License" nothing happens. I tried uninstalling software and reinstalling (saved PDD03 file for my data) but still nothing. I am not being prompted to enter new license code anywhere. The e-mail I received with the license info stated "Paste the key into the evaluation dialog." but I do not see an evaluation dialog anywhere.

I sent an e-mail through the website asking for assistance but was supposed to receive a copy of it and never did, not sure if the e-mail was even sent correctly, so I figured I'd post here as well.

Could I get some assistance with this?

Thank you,
- Cheyenne.
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Hi Cheyenne29,

We answered your email but I will repeat what we said.

When you renew your PDD subscription you don't have to do anything, even though the software will say your license has expired. We have recorded your sale on our end and you are eligible to receive a one year subscription to Pet Diet 365 Home when we release it this year.

You don't need to uninstall PDD or try to apply the new key if your current installation is working fine.

Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer
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