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  2. Recipe Balancer
  3. Thursday, 31 January 2019
I posted a question about this earlier and it looks like it didn't show up so I'm trying again.

I'm trying to formulate a raw diet based on 1000 kcals for growth so it can be given to several puppies. To start I've created a sample puppy in the pet's section at 8lbs and under 4 months of age. I'm trying to balance this single recipe to that dog's Daily calories target. When it balanced I was going to run the "Analysis by Lifestage & Kcal report"

I'm having a hard time with the safe upper limit for Lysine. When I drop meat products that contribute to a high Lysine percentage, other nutrients drop.

I have a recipe that is almost balanced except Calcium and Phosphorus is low which is a bit mind boggling as those are often the easiest nutrients to hit when formulating diets. Currently:

Calcium is Low
Phosphorus is Low
The lysine is too high at 359.41%
Vitamin A is too high at 2335.97%
Vitamin D is too high at 1094.53%

I feel like I'm missing something. Any help to get this to balance would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what reports you'd need to see
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