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I am very close to making a balanced recipe. The only thing i seem to be missing is enough vitamin B12. I know that different types of liver are a good way to get B12 into a pets diet. My question is does it have to be in raw form? I see a lot of single ingredient freeze dried liver products and I'm wondering if that wouldn't be an alternative to raw liver. My dog loves freeze dried liver but can't stand when I add raw liver to her food. She almost always won't eat it. So I'm wondering if I couldn't just use freeze dried liver as a alternative. Any opinions or insight would be really helpful.

Thanks :)
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Hi Hannahcapped,

Yes, freeze dried liver is a good choice and can be used with a raw diet. Also, you may want to use the Nutrient Search feature in the Balancer to find foods with the highest amount of B12. See the tutorial video in the link below titled 'Nutrient Search'.

  1. https://www.petdietdesigner.com/en/support-tutorials/video-tutorials/pet-diet-designer-for-windows/general
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