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Kind of long and hard to expain.... question about a homemade mixed meat grind and how to best use PDD to use it in a recipe.

BACKGROUND: I have 3 dogs of different sizes and buy the best meats I can find on a weekly basis and grind them. I'd prefer to mix them all together for a big batch of mixed meats that will last for the week (freeze half), 5% of the total being beef heart.. I do this for organ meat as well - a mix of half beef liver, 25% beef kidney and 25% beef pancreas. I don't know if I will always stick to that organ mix but I have to start somewhere and I'm trying to use PDD to see how well balanced this is and how much I would use in a balanced recipe. You may recognize that this is starting from a ratio diet (I'm not married to that either, but have to start somewhere with raw). I then weigh about portions of the muscle meat mix and then the organ mix to each dog by size.

QUESTON: How do I use PDD to help me do this. I thought I could try to make the muscle meat mix (depending on what I buy) an "ingredient" with the Food Wizard (as if I was the manufacturer of this "custom" raw mix. Then do the same for the organ mix. My problem comes when I try to enter into the Food Wizard, I would need to calculate all the the exact nutrients of each meat, based on the amount of each I bought (% of total) and that seems daunting.

I know one way would be to create a balanced recipe for one dog, one day, then use the report to make a batch. But my challenge is that i need to work backwards: The 15 pounds of meat I just bought is 50% tri-tip, 25 % chicken breast, and 25% pork loin (I'm making this up). I grind it all together and scoop it out by weight to each dog, but how do I use PDD to then balance the rest of that "recipe" using those proportions of meat.

I hope I explained this well enough for some advice. I have the same question about a vegetable mix that I make and would like to reuse in multiple recipes without re-entering it each time.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Jan,

If I understand you correctly, you want to make batches based on set ingredient amounts. This is something that would be hard to achieve in the current beta version. This process will be much easier with our upcoming release as we have enhanced many aspects of the software to support your scenario (creating your own foods/recipes which can be used as a food in other recipes by combining more than one ingredient, balance batches, balance for life stage, etc).

For now, you should stick to the batch functionality that we have included.

While the current beta version balances recipes for each individual dog, you can still make batches. There are 2 ways to do this:

1) the harder way - balance for each individual dog and then run the batch report (https://www.petdietdesigner.com/en/product/pet-diet-designer-for-windows/reports/batch-food-report) to make a batch for each individual dog. This is harder to do as each dog will have slightly different nutrient requirements so the batches will be slightly different. While this method is precise it is a lot more work. If all of your dogs have the same life stage, then it is easier to make a batch of food for a life stage, and then feed each dog the amount they require. In this case you would use method 2 below.

2) the easier way if all your dogs are the same life stage (for example, adults). Balance a recipe for one adult dog. Then run the recipe through the Life Stage Quantity report (https://www.petdietdesigner.com/en/product/pet-diet-designer-for-windows/reports/lifestage-quantity-report). If the recipe balances in this report then you can feed that recipe to all 3 adult dogs. Just use the Batch Food report to create a batch. If the recipe doesn't balance, then tweak the recipe until it does balance, even though it may not balance for the individual dog.

If this sounds too complicated then please wait until we release our next version where this process is made much easier.

Hope this helps,

Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer
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