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Do you have a food or a supplement that you wish was in our database? Now you can put in a request for a food or supplement that will be reviewed by our experts. If all the nutrient data is complete and can be verified, we will add it to our database.

Please read these guidelines carefully. Requests to add foods or supplements are done by our expert staff. The more information you provide, the better. We will only add foods/supplements for our Pet Diet 365 line of products.

Requests to add foods or supplements must be accompanied with as much detail about the food or supplement as possible. Include manufacturer's email and/or product links.
Please fill in as much info as possible in order to have the most accurate and complete profile of the item. This includes links, info on the product, and screen shots of the nutrient list from the item. If you do not have the info then please contact the company and request more information from them.

Please do not make requests for bone-in foods that have to be analyzed by a laboratory at considerable cost. These requests will be deleted.
Please note that when you submit your request that we will need to verify that all nutritional information is correct and consequently the addition of these items to our database will be made at our discretion. Also note that depending on the amount of requests, your request may take weeks for inclusion in our database.

It may take us weeks to get the data, add the data to a master database, and roll out an update. Requests for updates will be deleted.
2 years ago
Please note that we will only add foods/supplements for our Pet Diet 365 line of products.

Animal Nutritionist and Lead Developer for Pet Diet Designer

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