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I am trying to do a custom diet. How do I add ingredients and balance a recipe after I have attached a newly created recipe to a pet? Resolved


In the Recipes module, highlight the recipe you are creating and click the RECIPE BALANCER button on the ribbon. You are now taken to the Recipe Balancer module. Start adding foods by using the Search Foods button. There is a PLUS (+) sign beside each food. Just click it and the food will be entered into the ingredient list at 100 grams.

Change the amount and press the ENTER/RETURN key to save the new amount for that ingredient. All of the graphs will be updated. Keep adding/removing ingredients and changing amounts until you have a balanced recipe.

A recipe is balanced when all of the percentage bars and ratios (gauges) are in the green. Also, the remaining calorie amount on the ribbon is as close to zero as possible.

You can check the following articles below to make sure that your recipe does not surpass the safe upper limit for a nutrient.

Safe Upper Limits for Dog Diets
Safe Upper Limits for Cat Diets

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